Planet Peace | 40 Days Peace Gathering Project by Carosoul

Planet Peace | 40 Days Peace Gathering Project

Our energy effects everything around us.

Positive effects of Peace Gathering Projects have already been scientifically recorded and monitored.

We find ourselves in a position where the world's events are confusing and sometimes feel too huge for us to do anything as individuals. But now you can.

So what can you do? You can contribute your light. You can add your intention of peace in our daily meditations 7:15am PST for 40 days. You can carry that peace with you throughout the rest of your day.

If you don't think your energy matters, it does. The Heart Math Institute explains how Each Individual Impacts the Field Environment.

Join us for 40 days. Meet us live or follow along to the meditation within 24 hours to add to the compounding effect.

We thank you for your Donations!

Join the meditations below

Planet Peace Day 1 10/22/20

Planet Peace Day 2 10/23/20

Planet Peace Day 3 10/24/20